• Testimonials

  • The nets are fantastic! Temperature in the barn is noteably reduced as we now get protection from full afternoon sun. In the past, closing the big metal sliders just made the temperature rise. And the flies are staying outside and not flying underneath. Very pleased that there is good airflow and its easy to see thru the screens.

    Great product.


  • "This is my second order for horsefly nets. The first one is still in use in our barn. We have a new lean to that needs darkening and your product fits the bill perfectly."


  • "Thanks again for making such a functional product. It saves me lots of time (don't have to bring the horses into their stalls so don't have to clean) and money (less bedding and hay - they can be outside with access to their pasture)."

    S K Trautman ~ North Dakota

  • Hi there, my husband finally found time to hang my nets. Pictured is 23 year old retired team roping and barrel horse Buddy wondering where they have been all his life. He's not sure if the other geldings will get to stand inside, he's thinking on it.

    Thank you very much from both of us.

    Dayna and Buddy the horse ~Alberta, Canada

  • "I recently purchased horsefly nets for my barn and am extremely pleased. I live in southwest Florida where the summer months are barely tolerable. The heat, bugs, and humidity create a not so horse friendly environment. I decided to give horsefly nets a try in hopes of decreasing bugs within the barn. To my delight, the nets not only helped reduce bugs in the barn but also helped to cool the stalls by filtering out some of the harsh sunlight. As an added bonus the horses are able to use them to sweep away any bugs that may make it into the barn. Within minutes of installing the nets our warmblood, QH, and pony were happily walking through them. I would certainly recommend this product to my fellow Florida horse owners. We hung the nets on the rear Dutch doors of the stalls that lead out to individual run-outs. We ordered the nets 6 inches wider than the door opening and one foot shorter than the door opening. The added width ensures that the nets completely cover the opening and also aid in keeping them in place in heavy winds. I have attached a photo so that other potential customers can see what we did. Thanks for such a great product."

    Megan Beley Withrow ~Attorney at Law Punta Gorda, Florida

  • Thanks for the message re the costs, my nets are great and I love them. I take them down in the winter and honestly they look good as new......another crazy thing.........the nets are so well made they rarely need replacing........at least not this year.

    Cindy ~Ashton, Ontario, Canada

  • Hi Karleen -- I wanted you to know we Love, Love, Love our new Horse Fly Nets! WOW, what a difference they made keeping the fly's out of the stalls, they are everything you said they would be and more! No problems teaching the horses to go through them and they really like being able to see out. Instead of crowding into the darkest stall the Horse Fly Nets made all the stalls usable. I am so glad I purchased your product!


  • "I just wanted to let you know that we think that your fly nets are fabulous! I have ordered 2 more and I am spreading the word in Minnesota about them. Expect more orders!"

    ~Sue from Jordan Minnesota

  • "Received the flynets fine. I installed them and about three weeks ago. At first, they would not go near the shelter, but eventually they gave in and now they just love them. It makes them feel like they are inside, and has helped calm down my one mare, who is terribly agitated by the bugs. A worthwhile investment. The horses love the net. I haven’t taken it down yet, and depending, I might leave it up for the winter. It gives a little bit of wind break. Its funny to see them stand with it draped over their backs. It really helped calm my four year old, and even though it didn’t prevent the no-sums and the mosquitos from biting her she seemed more relaxed when she had a closed-in place to go and hide."

    Patricia Collins ~ Logoff Farms Ontario, Canada

  • Thank you I ordered 2 of them last year and they are really helpful in keeping the flies out of the barn. I have another horse boarding with me this summer so need another one for the 3rd door. In the bad fly times my horses just run into the stall and just stand there with such and expression of relief that it is really comical at times.

    Marcie - from Custer Park, IL

  • I googled something like barn fly screens for horses and your name came up. I only ordered 1 the first time to see how it worked. I also 1 of another brand. The Horseflynet is by far superior. It works great. I think it actually knocks flies off of them when they walk through it. It’s funny sometimes they are standing with their heads partially out and it is laying on top of them.

    Great product. Thank you

    ~Jana ~Maryland

  • "Very VERY nice product. I will send you pictures as I try other installations. Thank you so much for all your help."

    ~Mr. Humston

  • "My horses have been spending entire days behind the nets due to gnats and extreme heat. Installing Horse Fly Nets may very well be one of the best things I have done for my horses. I often see them streaking from the pasture to the barn for a break from the swarms!

    Thanks so much."

    ~Betsy van der Hagen

  • Hi Karleen -
    I just wanted to drop a line to you to let you know how much my horses enjoyed the sanctity of their fly-free run in sheds this past season.It was so nice to buy a product that was all set to install in an easy fashion. And it WORKED beautifully.

    You were absolutely correct when you said that all of the horses would go in and out confidently. My youngest horse, a very curious Egyptian Arabian, lead the way and all of the others quickly followed.

    The fabric is very horse friendly and after an entire season of use of several of our sheds, I can honestly say it is probably the only item on the farm that is still in its original condition! The wind whipped it, the horses passed by it several times a day, and when I took the flynets down for the winter, they were in the same condition as when I installed them.

    It amazes me that the fabric is so sturdy and yet the horses can see through it. They really like going into their sheds and getting away from the mosquitoes and green heads which can terrorize them during the day. When all is "safe" they let themselves back outside and can enjoy the pastures without any of the farm hands needing to let them out on a schedule.

    I sure am glad that I saw your ad! I am having a few more sheds built next summer and you can be sure that the first thing I order will be more flynets. Continued good luck with your very affordable and successful product.

    Kathryn O'Brien ~ By the Way Farm Newbury, MA

  • Fly nets are up and they are great! Horses are going through them after just a couple days and realize it is the place to be!
    Great product!

    ~Verified Customer