• Screens for Barns and Stables

  • “Screens for barns,” a word that most people are telling Horse Fly Net they use when doing a Google search for their stable or run-in-sheds. Why not? Screening is the same technique we use to protect our own homes from the multitude of flying insects which follow the light at night and enter our homes.

    But, Horse Fly Nets are more than just a barrier against the aggravation of flying insects. People protect open windows and doors with awnings and doors against the sun and  wind and snow.  The Horse Fly Net can give all of our domesticated animals a break from the excess of nature in the animal’s living space; flies, sun, wind and snow.

    Our nets or screens if you like are custom made in the USA.  We keep Horse Fly Nets inexpensive and therefore sell many to animal  satisfied.

    Find HorseFlyNet® on our web site, http://horseflynet.com or call 434 973 0121.  We are in Virginia and would like to help with specific requirements. Yes, we sell in Canada.


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