• HorseFlyNet®

  • This barrier against flies, sun and birds in the barn is a sturdy net which is custom made for any opening and will last for years. It is a curtain for barns, easy to install and comfortable for horses. This net will create a shade that discourages flies and makes horses cooler and happier.

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  • The Horse Fly Net®

  • The Details

    Sun and bugs are a problem for run-in sheds and horse barns that face the sun at some time of the day. Ten years ago in an attempt to resolve this problem and to make my horses more comfortable I tried hanging different kinds and lengths of material from the openings to create shade. After trial and error, I found a fabric that was used for another outdoor sport. It solved the problem.

    This product is heat sealed vinyl coated polyester which is designed to take the punishment of weather and wind, and is easy to install. At first, the horses were wary of a new object in their familiar shed. But my horses quickly discovered that by walking through the curtain of fabric they would find their food, hay, water and salt block. Soon they discovered that a stroll through the net would brush flies off their back and away from their face. They found it cooler behind the net and stayed there until the sun shifted to another side of the shed.

    Because the net came with grommets on all four edges, it was easy to hook the net up on the support beam in the shed opening with simple hardware 3 inch round hooks. For ten years I have hung the same nets up in the summer and removed them in the winter. They have not worn out and have shaded all our horses. This includes thoroughbreds and a very spooky Oldenburg mare. All have been happy to find relief from the sun and especially a place to get away from most of the bugs.

    The HorseFlyNet is a product that is environmentally safe. It reduces the amount of fly spray and chemicals used around an equine facility and the product itself is reusable and does not need to be recycled or thrown away.

    HorseFlyNets are friendly. They act like tree branches which provide shade and brush off flies. The horses do not chew on the nets as they can not get a hold of the edges. Even the cribbers can not destroy a HorseFlyNet. We have never had a horse that did not get used to the HorseFlyNet and found them more tolerant than a fly mask.

    Horses can see through the HorseFlyNet and, therefore, never feel trapped or worried about the sounds on the other side of the net.

    The net is easy to install with hooks screwed into the wooden beams across openings of a run-in shed, horse barn or overhang. The nets come with secure grommets in the hem all around the net. The nets can be folded back a few holes to allow horses or people to pass through or can be fitted to cover the entire opening. When temperatures change in the fall it is easy to unhook the net and role it up to store for the next hot, buggy summer.

    By rolling not folding the net will last for years. Rain and rot do not damage the HorseFlyNet because it is a coated product. The HorseFlyNet reduces the sun rays or UV rays by almost 80%, discouraging flies who seek the sun. The HorseFlyNet can be ordered in any size. Our bolts are 6 ft or 9 ft wide and can easily be sewn together for very large openings.

    Keep in mind a 6 ft drop works well in most run-in-sheds. Having a foot or two off the ground allows the horse to put his nose under the bottom and push the net over himself. Barn doors require a much longer drop. We can work this out with the barn owner. Small sizes can be cut and made for windows. The width can be ordered in the size required for the opening. The 6ft drop works in most run-in sheds. This allows the horse to put his nose under the bottom and push the net over himself. The 9ft drop might work well in the opening of a barn door where more coverage is required. Small custom sizes are available for windows.

    The sealed vinyl coated polyester allows the net to be soft and comfortable to the horse.

    This new product will revolutionize the horse industry by increasing the usefulness of run-in sheds. As a fly repellent it is environmentally safe since horse and rider will feel better not inhaling the toxins of fly spray.

    The good news is that HorseFlyNets are inexpensive to install. $2.00 a square foot for small sizes and less for large sizes. Add shipping and handling this makes a worthwhile investment for all barns and run-in sheds.

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