• A Delicate Subject

  • Our Horse Fly Net® customers have commented on occasion that their horses do not like to leave the comfort of their cozy run-in-shed ( with Horse Fly Nets)  to walk out to the open air when relieving themselves.  Perhaps everyone knows that  funny habit of equine life….. horses like to use a place that has been used before.  I first discovered this when at a big horse show.  The used shavings pile from all of the stalls caused my horse to lift his tail and use the pile.  I could time it just as we walked past the muck heap and before going to the ring.  It was perfect. This observation was reinforced when leading a horse past droppings spot in the field, the horse would add to the area.

    Soiling a run-in-shed with urine is far more unpleasant.  Therefore, I encourage my horses to come out of the run-in by offering a pile of old shavings and hay in the small paddock.  The smell brings on the act.  The reward to the horse is that he does not splash when aiming for the old shavings.  No reward offered just a no splash spot. 🙂

    “The pause that refreshes”

    Karleen Hubley copyright 2013